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Some covers and some Hepnova originals, more tracks coming soon


released December 27, 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


HEPNOVA New York, New York

Fearless genre cannibals / Electro-acoustic madness

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Track Name: Hepnova and Joe Gualtieri - Petrosino Square
Romantic recrudescence
Far from the burning iridescence
Safe from the searchlights of the past
Witnesses no more, but outlaws at last

You start to tense, begin to brace
As I press the revolver to your face
I see you aflame in this love so heady
Like a bomb thrown by Sacco and Vanzetti

When I saw you there in Petrosino Square
Is this paradise or my worst nightmare?
When the workers arise
I look into your eyes, your beautiful lies
Oh your beautiful eyes/lies

Your eyes your lies
Beautiful eyes/lies

Haven't seen you in awhile and
I'm not sure how to start
Whether to thank or to blame you
For the anarchy in my heart
Your eyes your lies
Beautiful eyes/lies
Track Name: Total War
There's a strangler in the kitchen of hope
Optimism has done me wrong
In threes, the sound comes in threes
Close the tale : where will we end up?

Vital to ignore the figurehead
The one who hides is the one to fear
Law has got no meaning at all
Will and might make all the calls

There’s a bad encounter at hand
Think back here to where they got that land
Shades of sin, how’d they get that walk?
Total anesthesia -- total war!

What’s the point of this heinous trust?
What’s your role now within this war?
Consume the rum and so supply the funds
Or run the guns, accept a damaged heart?

Everything’s supplied behind the lines
From afar, debt controls all
The thug structure’s not for fun
Little way to detect illusion

It seems there are two of you
What caused us to break the pattern?
People approach the anaesthetic
To feel less of the automatic


It’s presented that the paths are set
Discrete choices with a common end
You’re expected to fill a slot
But that version of real is really not

Be prepared for a surprise
When suddenly you’re named as the bad guy
Your best friend becomes a gun
Barrel trained right between your eyes

What's the point at which we break
Or turn and follow a better snake?
Tonight will come a sleep without rest
Here it is, darkness descends!

The situation’s far from OK
Don’t be lulled to complacency
That’s a trick they use to doom ya
By the time you notice -- fait accompli!

You see me approach the dream-sleep
I go there to bring you memories
I go there, then back to this world
Both conditions temporary

Each and every cycle must end
Even ours with its technology
After the last shell hits the ground
The earth shall rise triumphantly

Mission accomplished
Mission impossible
The worse things get
The more we forget
Track Name: En plaza de mi pueblo
En la plaza de mi pueblo
dijo el jornalero al amo
"Nuestros hijos nacerán
con el puño levantado".
Esta tierra que no es mía
esta tierra que es del amo
la riego con mi sudor
la trabajo con mis manos.
Pero dime, compañero,
si estas tierras son del amo
¿por qué nunca lo hemos visto
trabajando en el arado?
Con mi arado abro los surcos
con mi arado escribo yo
páginas sobre la tierra
de miseria y de sudor.
Track Name: Märk Hur Vår Skugga (Fredmans Epistel #81)
Märk hur vår skugga, märk movitz mon frère
Inom ett mörker sig slutar
Hur guld och purpur i skoveln den där
Byts till grus och klutar
Vinkar Karon från sin brusande älv
Och tre gånger sen dödgrävaren själv
Mer du din druva ej kryster
Därför Movitz kom hjälp mig och välv
Gravvård över vår syster

Lillklockan klämtar till storklockans dön
Lövad står kantorn i porten
Och vid de skrålande gossarnas bön
Helgas denna orten
Vägen opp till templets skriftprydda stad
Trampas mellan rosors gulnade blad
Multnande plankor och bårar
Till dess den långa och svartklädda rad
Djupt sig bugar i tårar

Så gick till vila från slagsmål och bal
Grälmakar Lövberg din maka
Där ditåt gräset långhalsig och smal
Hon än glor tillbaka
Hon från Dantobommen skildes idag
Och med henne alla lustiga lag
Vem skall nu flaskan befalla
Torstig var hon och uttorstig är jag
Vi är torstiga alla
Track Name: Claudio Monteverdi x Hepnova - Lasciatemi Morire (Let Me Die / No Longer Let Me Languish)
Lasciatemi morire,
Lasciatemi morire;
E che volete voi che mi conforte
In così dura sorte,
In così gran martire?
Lasciatemi morire.

Let me die,
Let me die;
And what you would think could comfort me
In such a harsh fate,
In such a great martyrdom?
Let me die.